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Liko helps reduce man hours and costs at the Christie NHS trust

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Greater Manchester, one of Europe’s leading cancer centres, has been using Likorall gantry system, Solo slings and UltraStretch in its mortuary for over three years.

When the extension to The Christie, which would house the mortuary was being built, Andrew Pearson, Bereavement Services Manager, was instrumental in the decision making process. "No one could match Liko when it came to the equipment specifications, quality, performance, maintenance, after sales support and budget – all of which are vital elements" explained Andrew.

从一开始,心里要装着我们的产品 使用对象就是我们最重要的指导原则。我们的概念体现了我们从事日常活动的远景目标——始终不渝地改善全球病人和护理人的生活质量。