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Questions and Answers Can people with dementia use Liko MasterVest or Lift Pants?

I work with two patients who suffer from dementia and whose ability to stand up and walk has deteriorated. This implies a risk of falling and is a hazard for personnel. What are the experiences of using MasterVest/Lift Pants with patients who suffer from this type of illness?

"Many people with dementia have successfully used Liko MasterVest and Liko Lift Pants. These products provide security for both the patient and the caregiver during rehabilitation and mobility training.

In our experience, patients who feel secure that, for example, MasterVest or Lift Pants will support them in the event of a fall are more inclined to try to use their legs than they would be without the use of these assistive devices.

Based on our experience, we see no obstacles to using these products with patients who suffer from dementia. We have noticed that one problem that can sometimes occur in gait training dementia patients is that they can lift one or both legs and let the MasterVest/Lift Pants take all of their weight, instead of standing on their own.

We dare not speculate as to why they do this. It may be advisable not to let the assistive device take too much of the load at the start of lifting, but to allow the patient to support his or her weight throughout the lifting operation.

It is difficult for us to make any definitive statement about the appropriateness of using MasterVest/Lift Pants with this group of patients, since people with dementia function and react in many different ways in these situations.

Individual trial fitting of MasterVest/Lift Pants is always essential for good comfort, function and safety. We recommend that you test the products to see which are best for your patients.

Our local representative can help you with trial fitting and trial use. Information about your local sales rep can be found under “contact”."


From the very beginning consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding-star. Our concept reflects our vision in our daily activity - always to improve life quality for patients and caregivers globally.