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Questions and Answers Can the loops straps be extended on a ComfortVest?

Is it permissible to extend the loop straps (the straps that cross around the waist) on a ComfortVest for Sabina using Liko’s extension loops?

"When a ComfortVest is used on a patient with a very large waist, the loop straps may not be quite long enough. In such cases, it is appropriate to lengthen the loop straps using extension loops, so that they are long enough to reach the slingbar hooks.

The waist belt and loop straps are relatively longer on size Large than on size Medium. If the patient has size Medium, it may be advisable to test the larger size to see if it affords a better fit.

The instruction guide for the ComfortVest provides advice on trial fitting and describes the use of extension loops. The most recent version of the instruction guide is always available for downloading from our website."


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