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Questions and Answers Does a mobile lift need to be charged every day?

We have a Viking L which we are very satisfied with, but we use it only a few times a week. Do we really need to charge it every day?

The battery on a mobile lift has a longer life time if it is charged regularly. If a mobile lift stands a long time without charging, you risk discharging the batteries and then the lift will not work when you need it.

Since you use the lift less often, you don't have to charge every night, but you should introduce maintenance routines which ensure that the lift is always charged and available.

Refer to the examples of charging routines below:
• When the lift is not used, you can put it on charging - the battery is not harmed by charging, even when it is fully charged, since it has an overcharging protection.
• The lift can be charged every night.
• If the lift is to be stored for a period of time without being used for lifting, the Emergency Stop Button can be pressed to avoid discharging the battery. However, in order for the battery to maintain best possible function, you should charge it 1-2 times a month.
A new and fully-charged battery lasts for at least 60 normal lifts.

Choose your routines according to your activities and even charge more often than necessary to ensure that the lift works when you need it.


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