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Questions and Answers Sabina and ComfortVest works differently

I have a patient in a home-care setting who, together with his wife, uses the sit-to-stand lift Sabina in combination with a ComfortVest. Transfers from the bed work well, since he is able to lean back, and thereby rise to an upright, standing position. However, when transferring from a wheelchair, he is not able to stand up in the same way. He “hangs” more at the seat. The patient claims to experience no discomfort, but I don’t think it looks right. What causes this and how can I remedy the problem?

"As you describe it, when sitting in bed, the patient achieves a better position when he is able to lean back, while in a wheelchair he is unable to so, since the backrest prevents this.  You have not mentioned whether he has a bed that can be raised and lowered. If so, and he begins the rise from a higher position in bed, this may explain why it is easier for him.

One possible solution might be to try raising the seat height of the wheelchair, if this is possible and otherwise poses no obstacle.

To solve problems of this nature, Liko also has a Seat Strap, which is an accessory for Sabina. The Seat Strap, which is guided down behind the patient’s seat, assists the initial stage of raising. Once the patient is up, tension is released from the Seat Strap, which can then be disconnected to allow undressing and dressing in the standing position."


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