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Questions and Answers Sling Cross-bar for LikoLight?

In the instruction guide for LikoLight, it says that you can use Sling Cross-bar to a limited extent - what does that mean?

When you use a Sling Cross-bar, the lifting height is reduced, irrespective of which lift you use.

LikoLight is designed to be light and easy to transport; therefore it is slightly smaller and has a lower lifting height in comparison with other mobile lifts from Liko.

The combination of Sling Cross-bar and LikoLight can therefore mean too low a lifting height for certain types of lifts (the same can be said about Viking XS, which is designed for narrow spaces).

If you use a sling in a smaller size (XXS-S) or a model which doesn't go down so much, it can work well - but it also depends on which type of lift you want to perform.

The limitation we mention in the instruction guide is, in other words, a possible functional limitation. If the combination Sling Cross-bar and LikoLight works for you, go ahead and use it


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