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Questions and Answers Working life of a sling?

How long is the useful working life of a sling?
"Liko’s slings generally have a long working life, though it is impossible to say exactly how long.

The working life of a sling depends on how the sling is used and is affected by, e.g., the following:  

• How much the sling is used – more use implies greater wear 

• How often the sling is washed – mechanical action in the laundry machine causes wear. 

• At which temperature the sling is washed – higher temperature implies greater wear. 

• Whether the sling is tumble-dried or hung up to dry in the air – tumbled-drying can cause excessive wear. 

• Even the amount of laundry in the drier can affect wear; a lot of laundry can increase the degree of wear. 

• The material of which the sling is made.

• Certain chemicals in some laundry detergents can weaken the fibers. 

To ensure that your sling is in good condition, check it regularly, especially after laundering. Check carefully for wear and damage to seams, fabric, straps and strap loops. Never use a damaged sling. When in doubt, contact Liko."


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