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Environmental Activities at Liko

The fact that we are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 shows that we work in a systematic way to control our environmental impact. Below are some samples of what we do practically to minimize our environmental impact.


Heating the large buildings at our head office in Alvik close to Luleå during the cold winters in the north of Sweden is normally associated with large energy consumption. Therefore, we have made a big investment in one of the region's largest geothermal heat pump installations.


The environmental aspect is always an important factor when we at Liko make decisions about the choice of supplier. We compare factors like choice of material, transport and production methods, for instance.


Liko is a global company; to reduce the travel and to render time more effective, we use modern techniques for meetings.


The fact that we have chosen to produce many of our products from aluminium is not a coincidence. Aluminium is produced from bauxite, which exists in almost unlimited amounts. Aluminium is also recyclable, as often as you want in principle. Besides being a good choice from an environmental point of view, it is also a practical choice because it means that our products are both strong and light, something our customers appreciate.

Waste and Recycling

Of course, we sort the waste from all activities and recycle all recyclable material.

Liko – the green company

Even if we have always had a green philosophy at Liko, we are convinced that we can do more. Therefore, we continuously work to find new ways to reduce our environmental impact.

L’attenzione verso coloro per i quali progettiamo i nostri prodotti è stata la nostra guida più importante fin dall’inizio. I nostri progetti riflettono la nostra filosofia nelle attività quotidiane – sempre per migliorare la qualità di vita dei pazienti e degli operatori in tutto il mondo.