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Plan, project and install

We have extensive experience in planning and installing overhead lift systems worldwide.

Our rail systems can be installed with excellent results in all conceivable environments. Read more in the menu "Products - Overhead Lifts".

Professional assistance throughout the entire project
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Together we will arrive at the best choices for your project and the end user. We can take the overall responsibility for planning, design and installation, from the conception to conclusion.

We deliver, install and do the final inspection
Our professional service and installation technicians have unrivalled knowledge and experience; with our help the project is completed on time.

Contact information

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当初より、私共が製品 を開発させて頂く利用者の方への配慮を最重要視して参りました。私共のコンセプトは、常に世界中の利用者と介護者の生活の質を向上させるという日々の活動におけるビジョンを反映しています。